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Mucho Gazpacho Bravo Tomato

Mucho Gazpacho Bravo Tomato
Gazpacho, right? Never eaten the stuff. You know what I have done, though? I've drank it. You know what else I've done? I really liked it. I would eat this and I would drink it. I would use this as a meal replacement. This is more of a bisque than a tomato soup which I like because tomato soup is a vile, revolting putrid food. This, though, this is good. It's got a good texture and you can taste everything. Tomato, onions, cucumbers and everything.

I half expected this to be gross. It's soup in a bottle. Who drinks soup? Crazy people. That's who. Whom? Who cares? Whom cares?
Chunky and Other/Weird
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United States
No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 8/7/15, 5:05 PM
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