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Neon Energy Drink

Neon Energy Drink
I believe that this beverage is the first sign that the dystopian future that was portrayed in all of those movies from the 80's is our current reality. To be fair the rise in popularity of energy drinks was probably the first sign, but this is a drink that GLOWS IN THE DARK. Sure, you need a black light, but it still GLOWS. If that's not a sign that the future is now I don't know what is. Think about it the world IS a pretty miserable place nowadays. There are disasters everywhere, people live in fear, and the police force is out of hand in a lot of cases. What we need is an action star to come and save the day. He/she would probably end up drinking this energy drink to aid them in his/her vigilantly-ism.

This may glow in the dark, which still seems insane to me (it's the quinine that causes it to happen), but most of the aspects of this beverage would actually make it a healthier energy drink. There is no taurine involved and the sugar mainly comes from fruit juice with a little crystalline fructose mixed in. It was formulated to give you a nice energy burst, without the crash. That's what this society really needs. The crashes make everyone miserable and make them “medicate” more often and before you know it a large portion of the human race is downing mass amounts of energy drinks just to make it through their day. No one wants to be in that situation, and Neon seems to be fighting the good fight in that regard.

As far as flavor goes, this is tropical fruit flavored. 24% of the ingredients in this can are juices including pear, passionfruit, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and cranberry. Only one of those is tropical in my book, but the combination is pleasant on your tongue. There is a slightly harsh bitterness mixed in that I can't quite pin down, but it gives the drink character. When I drank it right out of the fridge it mostly tasted like passionfruit and strawberry, but as it gets closer to room temperature the other fruits are more apparent. I enjoy a beverage that tastes slightly different depending on how you drink it. It's the future, it's science, it's scary, but oh so tasty.
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Jason Draper on 9/12/15, 4:34 PM
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