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Nothing But Real Oat Chocolate & Protein

Nothing But Real Oat Chocolate & Protein
Here we have a protein drink that was developed not as a post workout beverage, but as a way to curb hunger. If it were part of some zany new diet it would be called a meal replacer. I like to just call it delicious. As the name suggests, everything in this bottle is completely natural with no GMOs or anything artificial. They also go as far as to make it dairy and soy free. In the late 90's when I first went vegetarian and a lot of friends were vegan we would have killed for something like this. I feel like we all existed on French fries and garbage house salads most of the time. It was an era of unhealthy compassion for animals. This would have made life so much easier. While I may not have had it then, I will certainly appreciate it now.

This is mostly made up of oats and pea protein, which doesn't sound all that appetizing. I mean does anyone actually enjoy peas, or do we all just kind of deal with them? The added cocoa and vanilla are both stronger flavors though, so we don't have to pretend me like their “country goodness and green pea-ness” as a fictitious Orson Welles once said. It has a great chocolate flavor that makes you forget that you could possibly be hungry. Perhaps I'll just go on a liquid diet. A wonderfully chocolate liquid diet.
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Jason Draper on 11/18/16, 7:08 AM
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