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Nudie Veggie Nudie Carrot Apple Orange Ginger

Nudie Veggie Nudie Carrot Apple Orange Ginger
I keep hearing how great Nudie juices are. the thing is that every time I pick one up I see that it has banana in it, which means I might as well put my money directly in the trash because that is where that juice belongs. Man, bananas are one of the worst.
Luckily I stumbled upon this one which is trash free. People were right, it's completely delicious. It's mostly carrot and orange, which sounds odd when you first think about it, but it's one hell of a combo. Add a little apple juice to it for sweetness and a dash of ginger for a kick and you have a juice to write home about. This is 100% pure juice with no added sweeteners and I could drink it all day long, or at least until I got a gnarly stomach ache. It would be such a tasty pain though.

Ginger and Juice
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 6/26/17, 9:25 PM
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