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Peet's Coffee Cold Brew Dark Chocolate

Peet's Coffee Cold Brew Dark Chocolate
My parent's, specifically my mom, never goes anywhere. Heck, she probably goes weeks at a time without leaving the county. So when we were in Phoenix for my brother's wedding a while back, she tried like crazy to get Peet's Coffee. You can't get it here. I assume it's like Western New York's local favorite franchise Tim Horton's. My uncle or someone said that it was great so she tried to find it while she was wildly out of her comfort zone. I bet I could count on one hand the amount of times my mom has been on an airplane.

I found this bottle of Peet's at a Target. Right around the corner from home and nowhere near Arizona or wherever Peet's is local to. I saw "dark chocolate" and "cold brew," audibly said, "Yup!" and headed for the checkout. I tried it today and it is awesome. It's also hardly coffee. It's just chocolate milk for adults. It's more coffee flavored chocolate milk than vice versa. It did have a great coffee taste and the dark chocolate was very good, too but let's call a spade a spade here, dude. This is not exactly a refined person's coffee. It's at least 50% chocolate milk. It's very good. It's very but not too sweet. I would absolutely get it again but certainly not when I needed some pep in my step. Just for when I want coffee and chocolate simultaneously.

My mom couldn't even drink this. I gave her Dunkin' Donuts' new brown sugar cold brew and she made quite the face at me. This would do something unimaginable to her. I think she likes her coffee like she likes her men.
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Mike Literman on 7/11/18, 10:41 AM
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