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Switchel Original

Switchel Original
Look. I might catch some flak for this but this tastes like something that someone would make and drink on a dare. As I was reading through the ingredients, I saw "apple cider vinegar" and I knew that something was going to be up with this guy. Everything else in here sounds like it might make a cool drink, though; maple syrup, lemon juice, ginger root and molasses. Awesome right? Well kiss the promise of a decent drink goodbye because vinegar is here to stay and ruin your fun like some sort of cloud on a sunny day. Two sips in. I quit. This might be where we came from, but we have progressed from this. Enjoy things from the past like architecture, cave drawings, and classic cars. Leave stuff like this in the past where it belongs with its friends the black plague, building pyramids by hand and JNCO Jeans.
Energy Drink
United States
Maple Syrup
Mike Literman on 4/21/14, 1:45 PM
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