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Tickle Water Cola

Tickle Water Cola
Have you ever gone to a fast food restaurant and asked for a glass of water with your meal and they just give you a cup to fill up with water at the fountain machine using the honor system that you won't actually get soda? Obviously when you are younger the honor system is out the window and you fill that cup to the brim with syrupy, carbonated goodness, but as an adult I actually really just want water. Sometimes when you push the button for the water there is a little residual soda left in the nozzle and you end up getting a very light soda flavor (it always seems to be root beer) added to your water. That is exactly what this tastes like. It's as if someone poured a glass of sparkling water and then added a splash of cola to it. I feel like to some the lightness of a flavor that is normally so strong could be off-putting, but I enjoyed it a great deal. I love a good cola, but rarely want to deal with all the sugar that comes along with it(and diet cola has never been good, don't trust anyone who says otherwise).

This is a light sparkling treat that hints at a cola taste. Sure it tastes like watered down Coke, but it's so watered down that it doesn't taste gross and wrong. It taste refreshing and like something they would feed you at a spa, or so I would assume because I don't live that lifestyle. It's marketed for kids, but I don't think it has a strong enough flavor for most children I know. I do think it would be advantageous in helping adults I know who should kick their soda habits.
Tickle Water
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Jason Draper on 10/24/17, 6:35 AM
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