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Vichy Catalan Genuine

Vichy Catalan Genuine
There's nothing like drinking something and having no words to describe it other than an action. If that action was something like an overly dramatic slumping in your chair that would mean that it was a good drink. If you took a sip and gagged or spit it back out, that would be a bad drink. So what was this? Well this one was the most insulting of all.

The packaging on this was great. It's a can with a built in flip-top. Finally. I'm sure it's a little more expensive but a smart decision. No longer do I have to dump half full cans of drinks or drink flat pop. That or have to spend hard earned money on after market bottle toppers. We're not all made of money, people.

So what instinctive emotion and action did this evoke? A shrug. An effortless, emotionless shrug. Why? It's just mineral water. Just. Just mineral water. Tasteless, flavorless, so on and so forth. Do you like mineral water? Cool. I found one for you.
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No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 3/29/14, 3:18 PM
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