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ViPova Black Tea with Finest CBD Oil

ViPova Black Tea with Finest CBD Oil
You know how for decades stoners have been shouting from the rooftops (more likely their parent's basements) that marijuana is a magical plant that can fix everything? Well it seems like they might have been (partially) right. Scientists have come out to prove that there are many health benefits that can be derived from the plant and it can actually be used to treat a good deal of diseases and such. It's due to this that we have medical marijuana. According to the little packet I received with this tea it's the cannabidiol (CBD) that is the ingredient in the plant that has all of the health benefits and not the tetrahydrcannabinol (THC) aka the part that gets you high. So here is where the line gets drawn between those who actually care about health and those who were just looking for excuses so they could get high legally. I also learned that hemp and marijuana are actually two different varieties of the same herb and that hemp has very low amounts of THC and doesn't really get you high. I wonder how many stoners know that fact.

ViPova has taken CBD oil and added it to a black tea. Instead of rolling a joint, or packing a bowl you simply boil some water, pour it into your favorite mug and let the tea bag steep and you're on your way to promoting health and fighting disease. Here at Thirsty Dudes, we are generally more concerned with flavor over functionality, but I have to admit that this is really interesting information that I read today. Sure this tea has a higher price tag than normal teas you'd find in the grocery store, but this is essentially medicine, so it makes sense.

I have drunk other beverages derived from hemp before and they all have had a rope-ish taste to them. Since this not brewed hemp and just CBD oil added to black tea that taste was not there are all. It really just tasted like black tea that had a splash of milk added to it (it contains non-fat dry evaporated milk for some reason). From a tea point of view that is not very impressive, but when you think of how terrible most medicine tastes that fact that it is this good for you and just tastes like tea is pretty fantastic.
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Jason Draper on 8/25/15, 10:03 AM
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