Alley Cat Tea Original

Alley Cat Tea Original
Did you know that Alley Cat Tea is a Southern original? No? Well, don't feel too bad because I don't think that most southerners know it either. It is a probably that surely needs to be sorted out though because they should all know and love this wonderful beverage.

Whenever anyone thinks about the South and tea they more than likely think of sweet tea. Now take that delicious treat and improve on it by mixing in a bunch of fruit juice. The label has pictures of pineapples, oranges, lemons and strawberries, although the latter is not listed in the ingredients. It tastes like it's 50% pineapple, 25% tea, 10% orange, 10% lemon and 5% strawberry. It's one of those wonderful concoctions where you can pinpoint each of the flavors or enjoy it as a whole. The whole thing is dark and so very cloudy that it looks like it could be cider. I wish I had picked up more than one bottle on my dumb drive from FL to MI.
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Jason Draper on 11/4/16, 4:02 PM
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