Alo Awaken Aloe + Wheatgrass

Alo Awaken Aloe + Wheatgrass
A few years back I had a weekly DJ night at a bar here in Buffalo with my friend Bill. We got free drinks all night, but since neither of us drank, the bartender would feed us shots of wheat grass. I expected it to be gross, but I actually really enjoyed it. I was pumped to try this because it combined two things I was a big fan of. Unfortunately, it didn't really taste too much like wheat grass (well at least what I remember it tasting like). The aloe flavor and sweetness of it overpowered the wheat grass. The chunks of aloe in this were pretty huge too. Some of them were the size of crushed grapes. It's not the best Aloe juice I've ever had, but it was still a decent drink.
Aloe Vera and Chunky
United States
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Jason Draper on 11/6/10, 4:35 PM
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