Alo Comfort Watermelon + Peach

Alo Comfort Watermelon + Peach
Hello, my name is Jason and I am an addict. I spent years of my life chasing the dragon, trying to grasp the unbeatable fix. I went from sketchy place to sketchy place looking for the best that the world could offer. I knew I had reached a low point when I found myself eating plants to get a fix. I was literally poisoning myself, and for what a taste of the good life. I realize now that I could never find a high sweet enough, or a chunk big enough. You see I am addicted to aloe drinks. I have kicked the habit, but I know that I will always be an addict. Actually that's not true…€¦I had kicked the habit, but I'm ashamed to admit that I have had a relapse. I just couldn't help myself. When a company like Alo released a drink that is watermelon and peach flavored, I feel like I have no choice but to submit to my urges. I mean it's made with real juice for crying out loud.

I am shamed, and going back to the …€˜lo wasn't even as sweet as I wanted it to be. I was a fool. I knew watermelon drinks tended to end up tasting like Jolly Ranchers, but the use of real fruit gave me hope. In a cruel twist of fate, I was correct that it did taste like watermelon, but I had forgotten how light and nearly unflavored the juice that comes from a watermelon could be. This tastes like the great seeded fruit, but it was so darn light. Peaches are a much stronger fruit, but for some reason in this it was light as well. In some sips it came out stronger than others, but ultimately I must admit this was a very light drink. That can be fine and actually preferably in some beverages, but when it comes to aloe one wants bold flavors.

As far as chunks go, they are not as plentiful in Alo drinks as with other companies, but when you do get them, they are much larger than normal. It's a trade off you must make sure you are okay with. At my moment of weakness I would have accepted any chunks the Alo gods offered up.

I was weak, and my confidence was shattered. I came here to this group in search of help and strength. I hope that you fine people will allow me to lean on you as you fight your own demons. Wait…€¦what do you mean this has nothing to do with aloe? This is AA, right? Aloholics Anonymous? Oh…€¦well it looks like I'm in the wrong place. Thank you for your time anyway.

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Jason Draper on 7/14/13, 4:23 PM
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