Aloe Very Green Tea

Aloe Very Green Tea
If there are two beverages that I truly enjoy in this world it would be green tea and aloe juice. I drink at least a half-gallon of unsweetened green tea daily and back before I was watching my sugar intake so much I used to down those giant 50oz bottles of aloe all the time. The thought of that now makes me feel disgusted with myself, but man are they tasty.

This product combines those two wonderful beverages with low calories and low sugar. While that sounds great on paper, I think the lack of sugar/use of stevia takes away from the allure of the aloe. The way it is I don't like it aloe very much. See what I did there? Terrible joke. The aloe flavor that I love is nowhere to be found. I'm guessing it's obscene amounts of sugar that give it the wonderful white grapeish flavor. In addition to that the tea flavor is not very strong.

I've told you what this drink is lacking and now I'll tell you what it delivers. What I get when I take a sip is a watered down green tea that has been mixed with not-very-sweet aloe that gives it a taste that makes me think of a cleaner. All of that is sweetened with a mixture of cane sugar and stevia with a hint of honey thrown in for good measure. Doesn't sound very good, does it? Luckily it does deliver a nice smattering of vitamins and it is also very refreshing. I can only imagine drinking this on a hot summer day would quench your thirst quite nicely. Make sure you're prepared for a flavor that isn't terrible, but also one that doesn't live up to it's potential.
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