Aloe Very Original

Aloe Very Original
"It probably tastes like grapes." I say. "That's what it usually tastes like." I follow up. My friend Dan took this out of the fridge. I told him whatever he picks he has to take the first sip to which he agreed. He took a sip and oh, the disgust on his face. It worried me because we're usually on par when it comes to drinks. I took my own sip and man was he right. This sucks.

So let's draw a picture here as to why I came up with that blanket description. For one, it tastes medicinal. It tastes like something you would rub on a burn you got from making Jiffy Pop and trying your best, but failing, because you put your hand close to the heat. The chunks are in there but the flavor...ugh. It's a mix between plastic and rotten grapes. It's sour and bitter but it tastes as if they made it there by accident and it's not intentional.

This drink, much like that tattoo you have of a Creed lyric, is a mistake.
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Mike Literman on 11/14/14, 3:17 PM
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