Amaz Amazon Plant-Based Elixir Tropical Boost - Guarana + Catuaba

Amaz Amazon Plant-Based Elixir Tropical Boost - Guarana + Catuaba
What we have here is an elixir (aka juice) that is made from herbs and such that are found in the Amazon rainforest. The end game is to put healthier, functional drinks into the hands of the public, or so I assume. What do I know though, the owners could have some secret vendetta against an old colleague and they could have built this entire company as part of some revenge plot, but let's just say it's for health.

There are other things in this elixir, but the two ingredients that Amaz is trying to shine a light on are guarana (a natural stimulant) and catuaba (strengthen and balances body function). Basically it's a natural energy drink of sorts. It tastes very tropical. The guarana is the main flavor in the beverage, which is overly fruity and borderline bubble gum tasting. I do get a slight hint of banana as well. That I am not a fan of, but I know I'm in the minority with that one. Also included are cupuacu, apples, caja, suma root, beets, green coffee, marapuama and camucamu. Iwould be a liar if I told you I could accurately describe each of those ingredients. Mixed together they most certainly bring to mind something that I could envision being a customary beverage in the rain forest.

This is a different juice, and I don't think it's for everyone, but I enjoyed it. As a bonus the company support ethical sourcing of ingredients and 1% of their sales goes to seeding the forests in the Amazon.
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 8/10/18, 10:33 AM
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