Amp Organic Energy Drink Grape

Amp Organic Energy Drink Grape
Let's begin by looking past the fact that this is an energy drink and all that entails and the flavors that brings to your mind. Instead, let us concentrate on the fact that this is an organic beverage, an organic grape beverage at that, yet nowhere on the shockingly short ingredients list (five items) is grape juice, or anything grape listed. The flavor falls under the category “natural flavor.” I'm guessing that natural flavor is in fact grape juice as it tastes more like sparkling juice than grape soda, but that leaves me concerned about what other things can fall under that header and make it to market. “Natural” can entail a wide variety of things. I'm not saying there is anything nefarious going on here, but it makes me uneasy what companies can feed us without us knowing.

Anyway, as I said it tastes more like sparkling grape juice than soda and tastes nothing like a typical energy drink. It's just sparking juice, with unnecessary sugar added and caffeine thrown into the mix. It's not going to make you crazy, but it will give you a little boost and a whole lot of sugar (44g).
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Jason Draper on 7/30/18, 4:12 PM
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