Amp Organic Energy Drink Tropical Burst

Amp Organic Energy Drink Tropical Burst
Amp started off as Mountain Dew's energy drink that was put out by Pepsico. The Dew logo may not be on the can anymore, but it's the same formula and I'm sure extreme dudes and dudettes are the largest customer base of this product. My point is that since the original Amp was basically Mountain Dew infused with taurine and the like, it stands that this is some sort of organic Mountain Dew flavor and now the world no longer makes sense to me. Mountain Dew is pretty much the definition of junk food to me and the fact that there is an organic version (in some form) it has turned everything upside down for me.

The flavors in here are orange, mango, and passionfruit. They are all present, but in a strange Mountain Dew sort of way. I don't know how else to describe it. It's like they made three separate Dews, one for each of the flavors and then mixed them together. There is also something about this that tastes vaguely diet, even though it's chock full of sugar. At first I kind of dug the strangeness of it all, but the more I drank the worse it got. That could partially be due to the fact that I didn't do the customary chugging of the can and it warmed up over time, but the quality of the flavor definitely decreased for me.
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Jason Draper on 6/9/18, 8:06 AM
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