Arizona Good Brew Green Tea

Arizona  Good Brew Green Tea
What is happening outside?! It's the last week of September and it's in the upper 80's. I'm walking with some dudes from work, maybe or maybe not playing Pokemon Go and just sweating, bro. Sweating. Neck, all pits, belly button. Sweaty.

What better way to quench the sweaty mess you have become than some classic Arizona Green Tea? Oh, you made more money than you did as a 35 year old than you did when you were twenty? Spend the extra dollar and get the "Good Brew" iced tea. It's the same flavor with none of the corn syrup or preservatives that you remember. It has more of that green tea bitterness that you have been losing the past fifteen years by dropping the corn syrup so it tastes less like lies than before. Not insultingly bitter like your crappy aunt (by marriage) but bitter like you would expect a green tea to be.

You can't pick your family. They just come with you or with whomever you're with. You can pick your teas, though and this is a wise decision over the classic tallboy. As nostalgic as it might be, this is pretty unarguably better. Children might disagree but they're dumb. Someone had to say it.
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Mike Literman on 9/26/17, 11:03 AM
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