Arizona Oak Brewed Tea Unsweetened

Arizona  Oak Brewed Tea Unsweetened
Arizona is becoming a man. We don't need to go into the whole "What makes a man a man?" discussion? We all know. We either are a man, know a man, or have watched that sex-ed video about male "parts."

Why are they a man? Well they are maturing. No more filthy garbage sweetener. No giant, metal cans for a dollar. They are charging decent money for a quality product. Black tea steeped in American Oak mixed with honey and maple sugar. You can taste everything, too and it's great. The honey is more of a flavor than a sweetener and as a result of our recent reviews of maple waters, you can taste the maple as well.

You end up with a fantastic, unsweet tea with the flavors of things that are sweet but aren't sweetening the drink. Flavor, essence, honey, oak. Do not hesitate to buy this and please, keep buying it. It would be a shame if something happened to this drink and they didn't continue making it. A low down, dirty shame.
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Mike Literman on 9/19/14, 10:15 AM
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