B'more Organic Skyr Smoothie Vanilla

B'more Organic Skyr Smoothie Vanilla
While I was growing up my grandmother ate a lot of yogurt. In fact her and her friends were the only people I ever knew to eat yogurt. I would try it occasionally and it was simply not for me. Then something happened and yogurt became in vogue. It more than likely had to do with health benefits and people finally caring about what they put into their bodies, but suddenly the yogurt section in the store grew greatly. I mean I know that in other cultures yogurt is around all the time and everyone eats in, but for a kid who grew up on the edge of the suburbs and the Irish part of the city, it just wasn't around in the eighties.

Since yogurt has gained a greater presence I have come around to it. I actually eat one every other day or so, I am a bit picky with what flavors I'll eat though. Plain yogurt has a bit of a sour taste to it, that can be masked nicely by some flavors and that is what I lean towards. A mixed berry, fruit on the bottom is my yogurt of choice.

This bottle is pretty much a more liquefied plain yogurt that has been sweetened with stevia. The all-natural sweetener doesn't quite do the same job of covering up the natural sourness as actual sugar does. Instead you get the sourness as well as that specific stevia taste. I mean it's way better than if they had used sucralose or something like that, but it there is still a very distinct additional flavor. This is like a diet lassi drink. On top of all of that, the vanilla flavoring isn't very strong.

This drink is high in protein, contains probiotics and it is fat/gluten free. It's got some pluses going for it, but unfortunately the flavor isn't quite where I want it to be. To summarize, this tastes like a whipped up yogurt that has been very lightly flavored with vanilla and it was sweetened with stevia, whose flavors lingers for a bit to long. If you have an aversion to yogurt stay far away from this, as I assume it amplifies everything you dislike about it. It you're a card carrying member of Team Yogurt dig right in my friend.
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