Bai 5 Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange

Bai 5 Bubbles Jamaica Blood Orange
It looks like the storm is clearing up. I mean there's still some ominous clouds in the sky, but at least it's stopped raining and if you look to the west you can see the sun peeking out a bit. Bai, that is exactly how I feel about this drink. After the less than stellar coconut and guava version of this I feel like you're finally getting some things right. This is a diet sparkling blood orange drink in which the diet taste isn't punishing your taste buds. The blood orange flavor comes first and it tastes great. It's a hard flavor to mess up, but then again so is guava and look where that got us. The taste of the erythritol/stevia is still there in the aftertaste, but it's fairly subdued. The orange flavor is breaking through those dumb sweetener clouds. I'm glad this is good because up until this carbonated line came around I was really into this companies work.
Diet and Sparkling
United States
Bai Natural Sweetener Blend (Erythritol and Organi
Jason Draper on 11/25/14, 5:38 PM
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