Bai Antioxidant Infusion Tanzania Strawberry

Bai Antioxidant Infusion Tanzania Strawberry
I have been saving this one for a while. Every time I open up my drink drawer in my fridge it's there staring up at me saying, "This is not the time." Today the voice that is proof that I am completely insane did not whisper in my mind. I knew the day had finally come to drink the last of my Bai.

I was expecting this to be the king of all Bai. Strawberry juice is incredible on it's own, and my history with Bai has been nothing if not stellar. After my first sip I knew that Tanzania Strawberry was the ruler of nothing. It's not bad in any way, but it didn't come anywhere near the idea I had of it in my head. The other flavors have been insanely strong tasting just like the fruit that was in the name. I was expecting this to taste like fresh strawberries with sugar lightly sprinkled on top. What I got was more pomegranate than anything. As it turns out there is more pomegranate juice in this than strawberry juice. The strawberry peaks through more in the aftertaste. If this was labeled as a pomegranate juice it would have gotten higher marks. Seeing at they marketed it as strawberry it only gets three bottles due to disappointment.
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Jason Draper on 6/21/11, 9:37 PM
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