Bai Supertea Tanzania Lemon

Bai Supertea Tanzania Lemon
This is...I guess this is like an Arnold Palmer. While it's not listed as such, it's more than than a lemon black tea. It's considered tea but I don't know what the base of this is. Does calling it "supertea" make it so that you don't have to claim it's anything since "supertea" isn't a real thing? This is like a 60/40 lemonade and something else. I don't know what it is. Is it bad? Not at all if you can deal with the flavor of erythritol which some cannot.

If you like Bai, and I do, you already know about what this tastes like. They seem to be riding the erythritol train pretty hard so you know what you're going to get. I would drink this again. While it's not particularly warm and won't stop raining, this would have otherwise made a nice summer drink. Since it's not technically summer yet, I suppose I can't complain. Also, what does complaining about the weather actually do besides make you annoying?
Iced Tea
United States
Mike Literman on 6/20/19, 7:20 AM
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