Baumeister Root Beer

Baumeister Root Beer
I feel like out of all of the soda flavors out there root beer is the one that can have the most nuances. Even though all of the varieties fall under a specific umbrella the differences between them can be vast. Baumeister falls on the good side of those differences and produces a dark, crisp root beer that is heavy on the wintergreen. To me that makes this stand out amongst a sea of what I like to call “store brand root beer” flavored drinks. As a general rule, the earthier a root beer tastes, the more I'll like it. This doesn't really taste that way at all, but something about it is really hitting all of the right buttons right now and I love it. It's definitely very sweet, but it's in a good way, and not a root beer barrel way. Does anyone actually like those candies for more than like 30 seconds?
Root Beer and Soda Pop
United States
High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or Sugar
Jason Draper on 5/31/16, 10:16 PM
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