Belvoir Fruit Farms Cordial Rhubarb Strawberry

Belvoir Fruit Farms Cordial Rhubarb Strawberry
Now I'm sure that rhubarb grows somewhere in the United Kingdom, but will forever be associated with American country living to me. I can't think of a single time in my life where I was offered rhubarb when I wasn't on a farm. Goats, bails of hay, horses, barn cats and rhubarb are all grouped together for me. Oh yeah and don't forget strawberries. Is there anything better then being on a farm and plucking a strawberry from the plant and jamming it in your mouth. Oh man, the tiny ones are so damn good.

Now that I think about it all of the things I've mentioned could very easily exist in England. Maybe I just need to spend less time in the cities there and more in the rural areas. I once spent two days on a farm in Bavaria and it was one of the best experiences in my life. Everything we ate was grown on the farm. I'm talking homemade veggie burgers that were composed of fresh vegetables. Being vegetarian was never so good.

Okay, I retract my statement. I will assume this makes sense abroad, and let it be. I now wish that I had been on a farm over there whilst I was drinking this. Instead I was in a kitchen of a friend's house in Wales. It was a perfectly pleasant place to be, I had a cat and dog around me, but it didn't have the same effect as a farm.

Okay, pondering/complaining aside, this sure is wonderful. It's subtle and the rhubarb isn't over the top (not that I would complain if it were). The strawberry is very present and it's just shy of tasting like fresh fruit, which is quite a feat for a concentrate. I wish I had some bubbly water here because this would make one fantastic soda. It's more than fine with still water, but the bubbles would take it over the top. Now just close your eyes and think of goats as you take a sip.
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Jason Draper on 5/13/14, 10:01 PM
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