Blossom Water Plum Jasmine

Blossom Water Plum Jasmine
If you're going to add flowers to any beverage, the safe bet is to use jasmine. It's been a staple of Chinese tea for thousands of years. It's also lighter on the floral taste than some others. Jasmine tea is the gateway drug into other botanical beverages. While there is no tea contained in this bottle, the same logic stands. If you wanted to buy a Blossom Water for someone who was not familiar with floral drinks, this would be the one to start with. The taste of the jasmine is more in the after taste, and it's not as intense as the others are. Its taste is extremely pleasant.

The base of this drink is a plum flavored water that has been sweetened with agave and erythritol (even though you can't taste it at all). The fruit flavoring is stronger than normal flavored water, but it's not nearly strong enough to be considered any sort of juice. I would also like to clarify that the plum used in here is the type that you could find in any grocery store in America. That is an important note of distinction because I've had some drinks from the Asian market that say they are plum flavored and they taste like moldy meat. They are obviously the grossest things ever. I assure you that there was not one second while I was sipping on this beverage that the word “gross” crossed my mind.

Overall this is a near perfect drink that you can slowly sip as you sit back and relax, to contemplate your day. I know I have said similar things about their other flavors, but man, that is exactly how this drinks make me feel.
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