Blume Honey Water Ginger Zest

Blume Honey Water Ginger Zest
I'm sure this is not something that a beverage company would ideally want to be associated with, but this would be perfect if you were feeling under the weather. It doesn't really make me think of cough drops or anything like that, it just seems like it would be a nice relief if you had a sore throat or a cold. It's honey, ginger, and lemon; that just screams soothing to me. If you drank this hot I feel like it could cure anything, well you know any sort of minor ailment, not a life threatening disease. It's not magic.

The honey is very strong in this and the ginger has just the slightest burn to it. It's certainly not a gulping beverage, but I cold sip on this all day long. Whether I am sick, or just looking for something that tastes delicious, this drink is there for me.
Ginger, Other/Weird and Water
United States
Jason Draper on 10/3/18, 8:27 AM
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