Blume Honey Water Wild Blueberry

Blume Honey Water Wild Blueberry
This, this is not what I was expecting and it is so much better. I was expecting something akin to a Vitamin Water that had a hint of honey in it. IN reality it tastes like someone put on a kettle to make some tea, poured it into a mug, put in an extremely healthy amount of honey and then forgot to put in the tea bag. By the time they realized their folly, the water had cooled too much so they added some blueberry juice instead and magic happened. This is the most honey tasting thing I have ever ingested that wasn't just straight honey. It really tastes like I am just licking the honey off of a spoon. It is simply wonderful. The blueberry flavor also tastes real, so I can't imagine anyone ever complaining about that. There is also grapefruit, coriander, rosemary and peppercorn in here for reasons that I do not know, but it tastes incredible, so I'm not going to question their inclusion.

If you don't like honey I don't know why you would try something called honey water, but if you do you cannot go wrong with this. It's pure bliss.
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Jason Draper on 8/19/18, 7:49 AM
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