Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Earl Gray

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Earl Gray
Is it just me or does Earl Grey sound like it should be the name of a sheriff from back in the Wild West? You know a grizzled man who will do whatever it takes to bring justice to a small town, even if it means leaving the life he loved behind? Perhaps in the movie that I am apparently pitching his love interest would be a woman from England and he has to choose between being with her and protecting the town. In a scene she will get him to bring some tea she has brought from home and he will pretend he doesn't like it, even though the truth is he finds it very soothing. In the end he will sacrifice himself in order to save the town from a band of outlaws that are causing a commotion. In the final scene his would be love interest will place a cup of tea upon his grave. Come on Hollywood, why aren't you knocking on my door? The movie could be called Teatime in Sundown or some such silly thing.

Oh, once I get this running I'll approach Brooklyn Crafted to do a dual promotion with this soda. Perhaps you are like me and never realized that you wanted an Earl Grey ginger beer. I dare you to take one sip and still be able to honestly make that claim. This is just plain delicious. The essence of the tea is perfectly captured and somehow works great with a very flavorful ginger beer. I bet with the burn this soda has our hero wouldn't have to pretend he didn't like the tea anymore. He could make an offhanded comment about how it felt like a cousin of whiskey or something. You know so he can keep his completely unnecessary forced masculinity. Look I know this movie I thought up in 30 seconds is never going to get made, but this soda is real and you should really get your hands on some.
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Jason Draper on 1/25/18, 2:11 PM
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