Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Sugar Free Extra Spicy

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Sugar Free Extra Spicy
How does one kill off the diet taste of stevia? The answer is apparently to bombard it with ginger. This is a joint effort from Bruce Cost and Brooklyn Organics to create a sugar free spicy ginger beer. Guess what? They did it and it's pretty darn delicious. As far as I can tell the base of this soda is the plain Bruce cost ginger beer, except it is sweetened with stevia (the Brooklyn Organics way) and the amount of ginger in greatly increased. The result is a soda that only vaguely tastes like stevia with a fairly hefty burn to it. It doesn't quite hit Goya level of painful, but it's on its way. It is definitely at a level that makes this beverage a slow sipper. This isn't a soda you are going to slurp down in a matter of minutes. This is something you'll nurse over a decent amount of time, enjoying it with every sip.

As with most beverages that solely use zero calorie sweeteners, I would prefer it had real sugar in it, but I understand their reasons for not doing so. This may be the best sugar free soda I have ever tasted. It most definitely is the best diet ginger beer I've ever had (which has not been many). Sometimes you need to make tradeoffs in your life and I'm very happy this is out there as an option.
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Jason Draper on 9/28/17, 2:06 PM
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