Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Traditional

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer Traditional
Does the label on this look familiar to you? If you are an avid ginger beer drinker you may have noticed that this label is pretty much the same as those on Bruce Cost labels. It turns out that they both have the same parent company (along with Brooklyn Organics). At first I thought that perhaps the two other companies had merged into one, and then I realized that Bruce Cost is a ginger ale (even though it's loaded with ginger that it's cloudy with sediment) and this is a ginger beer. This company knows what they are doing when it comes to ginger, even when stevia is involved. This is fantastic. It's got a decent burn, but the flavor doesn't suffer for it. It tastes like a perfect ginger ale with the heat turned way up. This is what I want from a ginger beer. In my younger years I just wanted heat and burn, now I still want that, but more so I want flavor, and this performs perfectly in both categories. The tiny bottle is a nice touch for those of us who are getting older and shouldn't drink nearly as much soda as we once did.
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Jason Draper on 1/11/18, 2:53 PM
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