Busy Bee Yerba Mate Orange Blossom

Busy Bee Yerba Mate Orange Blossom
There is magic in that mate. It has to be as simple as that. I don't know if it technically is classified as a tea, but for my purposes I will chose to call it that. To that end yerba mate is my tea of choice when it is in its iced form. Guayaki is the company that turned me on to this wonder, but busy Bee may be the ones who perfected it. The quantities I could drink of this are absolutely ridiculous. I don't know when the last time I was this excited about a tea was, and to that end I believe magic is involved. Now I'm not saying there are dark arts involved. It may just be some guy in the bottling plant that pulls rabbits out of hats to assume the other employees (you know the ones who look at him with disdain) breaking health code violations all day long. I believe that that enough could somehow force a little something extra into this product to make it the wonder that sits in front of me, or rather the wonder that once filled the empty bottle that sits in front of me. Is it really gone so fast?

The base of this is clearly the earthy flavor of yerba mate. It apparently is unsmoked. I didn't know that was a thing because I am a yerba mate-dummy. They are apparently doing things right though because it tastes wonderful. On top of that is a wonderful combination of orange and wildflower honey. It all melds together into greatness. Nothing is overpowering the other flavors and that is the way things should be. It tastes like it was made by someone's zany grandmother who doesn't believe in black tea and only drinks mate. She's a wise old lady with a tale for every wrinkle on her body.

Busy Bee is somehow connected to Texas Tea, which I can find around Buffalo. I can only hope this new brand/flavors make their way this far north so I can guzzle them all day long.
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