C2O Pure Coconut Water

C2O Pure Coconut Water
While I was visiting our local Co-Op here in Buffalo I ran into a friend who works there. He told me they just got in some weird carbonated coconut water. Of course my response was, “Ugh, that sounds terrible. Of course I'll buy it.” As I was cashing out my mind kept reeling about how it's ridiculous the amount of things that get carbonated. How could carbonated coconut water be refreshing? I know in Europe people drink carbonated water everywhere. Seriously, they give bands carbonated water on stage. I asked for still water and I was looked at as I was out of my mind. It's not refreshing at all.

Okay, so the point of all of this was I walked outside and cracked this can open to be pleasantly surprised that it was not carbonated; it was just a clever name. You know, H2O is water, so C2O is coconut water. I feel I could have easily figured that out by reading the can, but I took my friend's word.

I feared gross bubbly coconut garbage, but what I was delivered was a quite tasty, still coconut water. The only ingredient is 100% pure coconut water, so there's really not much room for it to go astray. On a side note can we all agree that plain coconut water is much better than the flavored varieties? They always end up tasting chalky and kind of wrong.
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 9/4/13, 11:53 AM
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