CannaHemp Premium Energy Drink Original

CannaHemp Premium Energy Drink Original
Well, we have this new energy drink that we need to name that is made out of cannabis. Oh wait let's use the word hemp instead. I feel like that won't be so obvious for all of the suburban moms that like to complain about everything. Holy…€¦stop the presses, I have it! What are we serving these in? That's right, cans. It's a can of hemp, but to go back to our original word cannabis, we can have some wacky word play and go with Cannahemp. Sure, we may have to deal with more uptight people, but that is a pun that is too good to pass up. Now it's me, the reviewer breaking the 4th wall. Yes I made fun of the name, but honestly it's great. It is clever in a goofy way that I love and I support it. Also, anyone who wants to complain about hemp use in a thing like this is a moron. Of course something sold in a mass market that you don't need a prescription, or a “weed card” for is not going to contain THC and you are not going to get high from it. So you can calm down and if any of you youngsters out there have friends who drink this and they say it gets you high, let it play out so that they do some dumb stuff that they think is what being high is and then after a bit call them out and embarrass their lying asses.

This is not the first hemp/cannabis beverage that I have partaken in. Most of them tastes kind of like rope, except for the one I had from Canna Energy, which I believe is the old branding of this company, if the logo is any indication. Reading back on that review I found it to be pretty gross. If it is the same company they have either reformulated, or something was wrong with that original can I had. This does not taste spoiled, but it also does not taste like rope. It tastes like a very sweet green candy that is perhaps a mix between a green apple Jolly Rancher and some other green Wonka-esque confection. It is not my favorite, but I am also not grossed out by it. It gave me the energy I was searching for and I was easily able to get it down without complaining. That's a win in my books. There is still some room for improvement, but it's better than my last dalliance with the beverage.
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Jason Draper on 8/21/18, 9:15 AM
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