Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Chai

Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Chai
It's been quite some time since I've drank something with so much substance. It's gritty and grainy and if you are not into these types of drink or like protein rich foods and drinks, walk on past this guy because she is thick. She's also not too shabby. I admittedly don't drink a lot of chai. I like it but I don't drink a lot of it. Why? Some things just happen.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine is mad about having to shake orange juice and Jerry makes fun of her by lightly shaking it? This is like that but I feel like you constantly have to shake it. It might be so concentrated that there is no room for anything to "settle." It might just be dense. Thick and dense. I think that I'm drinking the drink incantation of myself.

To the flavor. It's a good, honest flavor and good representation of chai but somehow allows all of the ingredients to shine through. Cashew, coconut, ginger, chai, turmeric, salt. It's all in there and it all tastes good. It's a good drink. Would I drink it again? Eh, no. That just has to do with me not drinking chai. I've got other flavors I might not be so quick to dismiss.

In short, if you like chai and aren't afraid of a little grit, you've got a champion contender on your hands. If you are wavering on any of the aforementioned criteria, this might just be strange.
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Mike Literman on 4/18/18, 6:24 AM
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