Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Cocoa

Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Cocoa
Cocoa I'm familiar with!

Through all the grit and grime of this drink, I found it to taste pretty good. What "grit and grime" you say? Well, this being a protein drink laden with grains, nut bits and coconut parts, it tends to have a bit of a texture to it. This, if you are at all familiar with protein and/or fiber drinks, is common. Let's start with the "bad" which is more informational than literally bad or gross. This contains coconut milk which can tend to give drinks a bit of a chalky taste or texture to it. If you have drunk anything with coconut milk in the past, you know what I am talking about. This was relatively cold but the chalk had already taken over. Personally, unless coconut milk, flavored or not, is ice cold, it tastes like that to me. Protein drinks have a bit of grit to them because the more protein you add to a drink, the thicker or grittier it gets because you can only mush up foodstuffs so much. This contains 11g of fiber and 8g of protein at the same time so it's got some thickness to it.

But who cares about all of that, right? How does it taste. It tastes good. It tastes like a good quality cocoa. Lighter than a chocolate milk but a good, honest cocoa. There is some (coconut) sugar and coconut milk so it's at least smooth and sweet and not some revolting, bittersweet chocolate that tastes more punishing than good.

This one, as opposed to the chai, I would drink again. I bet you could use this as a meal replacement. People would be jealous that you are drinking chocolate instead of wasting your time with pesky things like tacos, pizza and ham. Chewing is for idiots, right? Don't be a follower. Don't be an idiot. Drink to live. Drink for life.
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Mike Literman on 4/25/18, 6:20 AM
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