Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Latte

Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Latte
This drink brings up an interesting question, out of all of the protein drinks and powders that we have come across in the wild how is this the first one that is coffee flavored? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that coffee is more than likely the #1 most drank beverage in the country and I feel like excluding it a large market (and profit) is being missed. I could see that it might be hard to get a decent coffee flavor in a powder form, but for the ready to drink variety of protein shakes, I don't see an excuse.
Canvas are no dummies and they know a good product when they see one. They have created what Editor Dan (back from the dead) has called a “Dessert Shake” with a decent coffee flavor. It's not super strong, but then again they call it a latte so the milk (coconut milk) is carrying some of the load. Like the Matcha shake of theirs that I have tried this is thick and grainy (in the best way). The only difference is this time the flavor of the coconut sugar is cutting through a bit more. I'm not the biggest coconut fan, so it's a little distracting to me, but for people who are on the coconut train that is going to be nothing but a positive. This is tasty, healthy and ethical. Can you do better than that?
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Jason Draper on 4/11/18, 3:16 PM
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