Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Matcha

Canvas Fiber + Protein Shake Matcha
Probiotics have been all the rage over the past few years. We, as Americans, tend to have terrible diets and our digestive system gets all out of whack. To combat this, companies started putting out probiotics, which are living bacteria, similar to those in our bodies to help with digestion and immune defenses. Canvas thought this was all nice and all, but they took things in a different direction and put prebiotic fiber in their shakes that feed and support the bacteria that already exist in your body. Basically it's like saying, “Why give up for yourself and call in reinforcements when your troops just need some provisions to get them through the great digestive wars?” I don't know which way is more productive, as I'm not that kind of scientist. What I do know is that Canvas makes some delicious shakes.

I have to admit that it probably would help you enjoy these beverages if you already had somewhat of a healthy diet. This is “real” food and it tastes as such. If you are used to fast food and soda, and don't necessarily eat a lot of fruits, vegetables or other natural foods, this might be hard to gulp down. If that is the case you are also the type of person who would benefit the most from this, so hold your nose and chug away to force it down. This drink is thick and gritty. It is mostly made up of spent grain isolate (let's just say grains) and cashew milk. It is also sweetened slightly with coconut sugar. The base of it tastes very much like liquid nuts and grains, what weren't quite blended all the way. That probably sounds like a turn off, but I think it's great. For extra flavor that put in some matcha (aka green tea) and it makes it all so very wonderful. If you've never used matcha powder before it has a very specific taste and is like concentrated green tea flavor. It's one of my favorites and as a result I love this shake. My guts love this shake too. I bet yours would as well if you would just put down the liter of cola and chicken nuggets and eat like you were sitting down to dinner in a 1950's sitcom. (I can only imagine food was healthier then).
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Jason Draper on 4/5/18, 10:30 AM
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