Celsius Sparkling Orange

Celsius Sparkling Orange
Celsius sent us over a couple of flavors that we have already reviewed. I'm not sure if they are reformulated, or if it's just new packaging, but since it's been about five years since I reviewed the other one, I thought I'd give it another go.

When so much time has passed memories can get a bit hazy. I had a general idea of how this tasted, and reading my old review filled in some gaps. From what I said and what I remember I'm pretty sure they have tweaked the recipe a little. This has a cleaner orange taste and it's not so much an orange soda flavor. It certainly still tastes diet, but I don't mind it as much as I remembered. It's a functional beverage meant to help you burn calories, so of course it's not going to be loaded with real sugar. They seemed to find a way to soften the diet taste a bit, or else I'm just more used to it than I was back then. Either way if you are the sort of person that is drinking Celsius, then you probably have a good idea of what you're getting yourself into.

A couple of friends and I were planning on riding to Niagara Falls on our bikes today. It was close to, if not over, 90 degrees out but we figured we'd be riding next to the river the whole time, so it should be cooler. It was, but it was still pretty hot. Before we left I downed this can of Celsius. I definitely enjoy their sparkling drinks over their teas. They both taste so overly diet (they are weight loss drinks what so I don't expect otherwise) but the bubbles mask it a bit. This tasted like a really cheap diet orange soda that you would find at Aldi or some such discount grocery store. It wasn't the greatest, but for what it is and what it does I can't really expect a gem. I definitely felt an energy burst from it, and I will assume it helped burn calories. So I downed the can pretty fast, let out a humungous burp and hit the pedals.

We made it about halfway through Wheatfield when we decided to stop at a gas station and refill our water bottles. We were sitting outside sipping on some crisp cold water when suddenly my front tire let out all its air. It was loud and it was fast. The bike was laying on the ground for about ten minutes without being touched for ten minutes before it happened. I blame the sun. I really think it got to hot and burst. Stupid sun, you're just fighting dirty because I put on SPF 85 sunscreen!
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Jason Draper on 3/23/16, 11:14 AM
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