CK Soybean Drink Chocolate

CK Soybean Drink Chocolate
You've got two screaming kids. Sometimes they suck. Face it. Your "angels" aren't perfect. Honestly, they don't suck. They're still screaming and you have to solve this predicament ASAP. You open the fridge and you've got a little bit of chocolate milk. Not enough for two stupid kids, but maybe one and a half kids. Since you "can't" cut little Tommy in half you have no choice but to, gulp, water down the chocolate milk. You do it, don't look back, and give those brats something to stop their crying.

You can tell the difference because you're an adult and have been drinking chocolate milk your entire life. Those kids sucked it right up. What you tastes. Tastes like this CK chocolate soybean drink. It's not as thick as regular chocolate milk or soymilk. Maybe that soymilk and soybean drink are different even though they are made from the same animal.

Your kids are now fine and you found that watered down chocolate milk passes the kid test. It's a fiscal score for you. Good job. Not so much for CK. It was under $1 so it's not a jip. You got what you paid for.
Milk and Soy
Mike Literman on 12/26/10, 1:02 PM
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