Classic Cafe Bold Cold Coffee Salted Caramel

Classic Cafe Bold Cold Coffee Salted Caramel
Does anyone else get weirded out when a company has zero presence on the internet? If it weren't for one distributor carrying this I would have had no choice but to believe that I was drinking ghost coffee. The supernatural is the only logical explanation when things don't exist on the internet, correct?

We let me tell you, if this is what ghosts have to drink to get them moving for a long night of haunting, dying might not be that bad. I mean serious coffee drinkers may not agree, but those of us who share coffee tastes with children will be all about this. Even though it is most definitely not mocha I would liken this to the chocolate milk of coffee. The flavor of the coffee isn't too overpowering, and it's gota nice sweetness to it. It takes more like coffee flavored milk than an actual cup of coffee, but I guess that is what a latte is supposed to be. For me the best part of this is that the caramel isn't too strong. That is one flavor that companies need to learn to be more reserved with. Everyone goes overboard with their caramel use and it's just too much. In here it is just right.

If for some unknown reason you are trying to get your kids into drinking coffee, this would be a good gateway drug. I don't know why you would want to do such a thing. Maybe you're really into the idea of them sitting at dinners all night talking about nothing and drinking an obscene amount of caffeine in-between smoke breaks. Do kids still do that?
Classic Cafe
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Jason Draper on 12/31/16, 8:27 AM
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