Coca-Cola Diet Ginger Lime

Coca-Cola Diet Ginger Lime
Let us rejoice. The unthinkable has been done. Coke has created a diet soda that can be enjoyed by everyone. So far the other flavors of their new line of diet colas have been fairly decent, but this one steps up the diet game. I don't know if it is the ginger, the lime or the combination of the two, but whatever it is it masks the taste of the aspartame very well. So much in fact that this only tastes vaguely diet, even though there are 0g of sugar in here. I know it's heresy to make comparisons between the big two, but this makes me think of the Pepsi 1893 ginger soda, if it were diet. Mixing ginger with cola is a great idea that I can't believe wasn't widely manufactured until recently. They blend together into something new and wonderful. The lime also just blends in with that. None of the flavors really stand out, and I suppose that is why the diet taste is also blended into that solid new flavor. Sure, by the end of the can the diet-ness of it gets stronger, but I feel like my last sip was only as strong as a regular diet Coke.
Diet, Ginger and Soda Pop
United States
Jason Draper on 2/26/18, 3:15 PM
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