Coca-Cola Life Cola

Coca-Cola Life Cola
If I can borrow a line from the TV show "Review," Andrew Daly says, "Life. It's literally all we've got." Is that the case with Coke Life? It could be if you kind of like diet pop. Someone asked me what this was all about and I said, "It's a half diet pop.” It's like someone went halvsies on a Coke and a Diet Coke. That's almost how it tastes. Actually, it tastes more like a Mexican Coke and a Zevia cola were mixed together, since it's sweetened with both cane sugar and stevia.

At first you can get some of the stevia at the tail end of sips but after you start to drink it like it's not the last thing you'll ever drink, you lose some of that and it starts to blend together and taste like a slightly diet cola. At half the calories and half the diet taste, it's not a bad payoff. I have another one in the fridge and I will break it out sooner than later because it was good. We'll see how Pepsi True does whenever we can get our hands on that.
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Mike Literman on 12/8/14, 2:01 PM
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