Coco Joy Coconut Water Strawberry

Coco Joy Coconut Water Strawberry
I bet Baymax would encourage his patients to drink this. Sure, he's kind of the spokesperson for the drink and has a little weight in the game, but between his dedication to well-being and his cigar smoking, ill-fitting suit wearing, slicked back hair having, bad breath having manager, they're pushing this product hard.

Say you break your arm and Baymax is around. He would ask you what your pain is on a scale of frown to smile. Then he would offer you a sucker. If you said that you were allergic to suckers, he might analyze you and say that you did not indicate that you were lying since no one is allergic to suckers. Then he would offer you some of his custom branded coconut water in which to refresh you. He would endorse this because it's just coconut water and strawberry flavor. Bare essentials. He's a bot of health. He's not going to give you something that would hurt you. That's not very health bot of him.
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No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 8/4/15, 11:30 AM
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