Core Organic Orange Clementine

Core Organic Orange Clementine
I'm not exactly sure what this beverage is supposed to be. It's not really a juice, but it's also not a sports drink. The bottle says it is an “organic fruit infused beverage,” and according to the ingredients list it's kind of a mix of everything. It is composed of coconut water, 4% juice, white tea, and a whole mess of organic, zero calorie sweeteners. The result just tastes a bit generic, like some random “juice” box you'd get as a kid, expect now it tastes overly diet. This sort of tastes a modern version of Kool Aid. The orange/clementine flavor is there, but it tastes a bit powdery. I appreciate what they are trying to do with this, but the arrow is hitting just outside of the target. It's almost good, but it just doesn't mess right.
Coconut, Iced Tea and Juice
United States
Organic Erytritol
Jason Draper on 1/22/17, 7:18 AM
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