Core Power Natural High Protein Milkshake Honey

Core Power Natural High Protein Milkshake Honey
Do I need more protein in my diet? I don't know let me check the chart. I seem to be doing alright on fiber, attitude, body mass index, those are all alright. What else do we have here? Ice cream intake is low, oil pressure is good, Altitude is at an acceptable level, and the water level is up to the line. I don't see...oh here it is. Protein. Yeah, protein level is slightly below the line. Can't I just eat a chicken sandwich or something? No? Why not? They don't sell any here? This is a restaurant. What restaurant doesn't sell anything with chicken in it? No meat? At all? That's fine. I guess I'll have a salad then. No salad? You're a restaurant, right? You know what a restaurant is, right? What do you have here? Just drinks? Fine. I'll just look at the menu. Whatever. Whatever you have. Why did I come here? Didn't they have a menu outside that I could have looked at? I'm telling you, Times Square has changed. They were right?

Oh, thanks. What is this? Oh, a protein drink with honey in it? Seems like something you just whipped up. Thanks. You know what, though? It just tastes like milk with honey in it, which in itself is mildly refreshing. It's a protein drink, which is surprising because it doesn't taste like there is a bucket of sand in it. It's actually not bad. I would have enjoyed that chicken sandwich that I kind of developed a taste for but this is a close, I don't know, eighth, maybe ninth.

I don't know. That's a good question. Would I recommend this restaurant? You're going to hate me for saying this, but I'm still not convinced that this is an actual restaurant. How do you make ends meet? This place is like two thousand square feet and one block from Times Square. It's got to cost like ten thousand dollars a month to be here. You've got to be in cahoots with someone. Oh, that hit a nerve. No, look, I can see myself out. Thank you for the drink. I left a nice tip.
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