Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze Passion Fruit & Mango

Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze Passion Fruit & Mango
I decided that I was done reviewing drinks on my trip. I had emptied out the fridge in my hotel room, and we get on our flight in a few hours. I felt like I had drunk a good cross section of the local drink delicacies. Then I stumbled upon this. When I had one of these the other day it was one of my favorite drinks I had on the island. That coupled with it being passion fruit and mango left me little choice. I said to myself "self you must have this!"

This is even better than the mixed berry one. 70% juice with no sweeteners added. It's absolutely incredible. Neither of the fruits are too overpowering, but they are present and flavorful. It's a true taste of the tropics. This is made in CA, so hopefully it will make it's way out east for me to enjoy on a regular basis.
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Jason Draper on 5/1/11, 9:03 PM
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