Crystal Light Pure Mixed Berry

Crystal Light Pure Mixed Berry
Carol loves a good jog. She's in her mid-forties and has always done a good job taking care of her body. Sure, she "cheats" every once in a while. She's determined but still human. She'll have some ice cream every once in a while and loves chocolate. She eats less of it than she would like to, but she has self-control. Admirable, I know.

While making her bi-weekly shopping trip, she came across a new version of Crystal Light. She used to drink it a lot in the last 80's, early 90's but after the whole diet/cancer scare, she's tried to stay away from it. This looked like something new and used Stevia so she bought it.

So took her evening, after work jog and came home to make a glass of this drink. She took one sip and was part relieved and part unsatisfied. She liked the fruit flavor of the drink but it was a bit too sweet. It has the Stevia taste that she was used to, but it was as if it had just too much sugar in it. She mixed it correctly. She checked the size of the bottle and the directions on the box. She finished the bottle and would probably finish the rest, but just in a longer time than she thought.

It was not what she expected and although it was better than the Crystal Light she was used to, they hadn't exactly "done it" quite yet. Keep going, Carol. We're all rooting for you.
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Mike Literman on 3/1/12, 3:05 PM
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