Cultivo Organic Cold Brew Coffee Half and Half

Cultivo Organic Cold Brew Coffee Half and Half
I've spent 38 years of my life thinking that I didn't really like coffee. I didn't hate it and I would drink it from time to time when I needed some caffeine. Hell, my high school years were spent sitting in diners for hours just downing overly sweetened and creamed endless cups of it, just because that was what my friends did back then. I had to add so much to it to make it so I could continue to drink it. It's a miracle that I'm not insanely over weight. In the past couple of years I've realized that coffee isn't all that bad if you're drinking the right stuff. There are some great blends/roasts out there that can be downright tasty, but mostly I'm talking about cold brew. There is something special about cold brew that cuts the acidity and just makes it such a smooth drink. Also, coffee is so much better cold that hot to my taste buds.

While the carton here describes the true meaning of the name Cultivo, I will pretend that it is referring to the cult of coffee drinkers. You know the people out there who absolutely need their coffee to function, and for some I'm not even sure it's due to the caffeine. People love coffee, and I think this product is here to indoctrinate new people into the cult by giving them smooth, delicious coffee to ease them in. This is exactly what the beverage is. It's high quality coffee that is nice and creamy from the half & half (I can even forgive the use of real milk here, which normally disgusts me). It's mildly sweet from the 9g of sugar in it, but they took care not to overdo it so that it is still mostly coffee and not a sugar drink.
It's no shock here that this is a brand of Uncommon Coffee Roasters aka the best coffee I have ever drunk. They are a high quality company with ethics I can get behind. If only all companies had similar beliefs and practices while making such high quality products the world would be a much better (caffeinated) place.
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Jason Draper on 11/17/17, 9:41 AM
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