Day To Day Bean Milk

Day To Day Bean Milk
Oh man I could really go for some Thai food. Some peanut satay would really hit the spot, specifically in wrap form. That would be delicious. A nice wrap of peanut sauce and tofu. Maybe I'll go a little crazy and get some ginger on it. What do you mean you don't serve satay? I'm sorry. I thought any self respecting hot dog stand would be well stocked in the foods of other cultures. I guess this world just isn't the place I thought it was. It looks like I'll have to go see what that little market next door has.

Hmmm they don't have any prepared foods, but the woman working the counter did recommend this drink to me. I like soy milk so why not. Oh wow this does taste exactly like peanut satay. Actually this is kind of gross. It makes me feel like I was in a horrific car accident and had to get my jaw wired shut, and as a result my jaw has been wired shut, and I need to have all of my foods liquefied. Okay after two sips I can't drink anymore.

Dear Day to Day, I don't know what peanuts have to do with bean milk, but screw you for putting me off peanuts for a little while.
Day To Day
Couldn't Read Ingredients
Jason Draper on 11/21/11, 10:43 AM
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